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Project: Woman, Life, Freedom

EXHIBITION: The Chanzy workshops, Nantes

Techniques: Mix Media


"Human beings are the makers of truth.

Human beings are the kindred souls of eternity.

I am no stranger to eternity.

Life sings under the stones of the walls of the prison of evil.

In the eyes of bewitched dolls, the lantern is a brilliant deviance.

My city will rediscover the dance of its streets.

Nowhere, at no time, has the cry of life gone unanswered.

I listen to distant voices, my voice is heard from afar

I am alive),

My cry is not unanswered, your good heart is the answer to my cry.

My city will rediscover the dance of its streets..."

Ahmad Shamlu (1925-2000)

This creation was born from a multicultural meeting, that of Tamanna Rohani, graphic designer, illustrator and artist in visual and conceptual arts of Iranian origin and Carmen Camboulas, of militant French origin as rebellious as joyful.

This collective work brought together around thirty people, thus allowing us to support each other, exchange and mix our sensibilities. Create together to reflect and celebrate the strength and struggles of Iranian men and women for their freedoms.

This work is an artistic and political act; we have therefore already presented it during the gatherings of support for the collective women life freedom Nantes, on Saturdays as well as at the March 8 march for women's rights. As the weather is not always reliable, she keeps track of her expeditions.

Project: Endless Denouement


Technics: Media Mix

I am attached to my memories, tied to life and my circumstances. The thread of my thoughts and the reactions they link up are part of this universe, inseparable from the being in the making.
I entangle myself in the embrace and weave its web in my thoughts. I forge ties constantly, like so many ties to be undone perhaps one day. No matter how I untie them with or without reason, the knots immediately bring me back to my condition.
I've been taken prisoner so I'm endlessly tangled. I strive to disentangle my interior constrained by a tied exterior, intertwined in the chiaroscuro.
And I finish the way out, recruited in the hope of an enlightened tomorrow and I smile.
Like an endless ball, I go around in circles. I revolve around the knots that I am woven, that have been woven around me. I get tangled up, some knots untie, others loosen, others tighten, and I'm always trying to loosen them; I can't find the common thread.
I tangle, untangle myself to tangle again.
By dint of tying and untying, I carry all the knots in the world.

Project: Egobox


Technics: Media Mix


I selfie therefore I am; everyone can suffer, I'm here, gorgeous, unfazed with every shot, and that's all that matters.
Selfies, often meaningless, undigested, become the language of accumulated banality. They are neither deepened nor thought out by their authors who simply bring an empty gaze, without an observer, without horizon or hindsight on a reality grasped in all unconsciousness.
Networks are overflowing with selfies that, barely published, disappear.
Are we so tempted by the spectacle that we forget our awareness?
I immersed myself in this sphere for 30 days through 10 selfies a day in order to put myself in the shoes of those who do it addictively and less consciously, and in the shoes of those who see it.
I wanted to question the meaning of these collective compulsions which affect our relationship with others and our perception of reality.

Hands Crossed




Installation on the philosophical theme of Epiphany. The hand and spirituality illustrating the soul of man.

My walls


Media Mix

What if the walls were our personal notebooks? If there were no boundaries between being and object? If everyone could see our thoughts? This is a transcription, in the form of texts and illustrations, of the thoughts I had written in one of my personal notebooks.
October - December 2014
3 years later, I gathered all my private notebooks and reproduced some of their pages on paper that I pasted on urban walls. It was through this action to zoom in on certain important moments of my intimate life.

earth quake





When the earth is shaken by its [final] earthquake
And the Earth unloads its burdens
And the man said, "What's wrong?" -
That day he will announce his news
<< Quran, Surat Al-Zelzelat 99, Verse 8 >>

This work is an installation made for the last earthquake in Iran, when it came to the extreme Shits blamed women and their hijabs and they don't follow the hijab rules like it should ...
In this job I cut out the word "earthquake" that I found in a magazine and related phrases or questions; the strength and damage caused by earthquakes in all areas that I put pressure on different parts of the female body ...

Miniature Of The Future





Creation of paintings on the theme of modernized Persian miniatures. The concept is to take a shot or two of Persian miniatures, simplify them and modernize them using digital images on which to overlay them.





We each have a job through which we make ourselves known and that puts us in society. This is a series of photos that attempts to present the trades and our relationship with society.



Creating a local currency: the currency of refugees.

Bold Pastel On Paper

Black Pen On Paper

60cm x 80cm


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